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Prices and Seasonal Rates

Our apartment house prices are tiered seasonally to meet varying demand conditions. Baden offers numerous attractions throughout the year, and particularly three annual events influence the pricing:

1. Le Gacilly Photo Festival: This renowned photo festival attracts many visitors to Baden, increasing the demand for accommodations. 2. Genussmeile: The Genussmeile is a culinary highlight that draws many food lovers to the region. 3. Baden Rose Days: During the Rose Days, Baden is transformed into a sea of roses, which also leads to increased demand.

During these events, prices are correspondingly higher due to the high demand.

Our pricing model includes only a final cleaning fee. The cost of this cleaning has a greater impact on short stays, so bookings under three nights are unfortunately not possible. For stays outside the season, such as in February, we offer discounts.

Prices also vary depending on the number of overnight guests. Our base prices are based on two adults. For single persons, costs are reduced by about 20%.

Please note that the personnel costs for final cleaning on a Sunday or public holiday are double. Therefore, arrivals and departures on these days are more expensive.

Our offer includes only self-catering apartments; no special services are offered during the stay. However, all guests receive a special voucher that provides discounts for various leisure activities, such as reduced admission to the Römertherme.

For longer stays, we offer lower rates to make your extended stay with us more attractive. Group bookings do not receive additional discounts.

We hope this information helps you plan your stay. If you have any further questions or would like to make a reservation, we are happy to assist you.

There are always actions and discounts with us. Of course, you will find out the exact price when you send us your inquiry! That costs nothing and you have a very concrete offer, which you can either accept or reject. You have no risk!