Tour 360 extended by Gutenbrunner Park, Schlossergässchen and more

The 360 degree tour, with which you can virtually “walk through” the entire apartment house in Pelzgasse, has been updated! Some photos in apartment 2 have been changed from night photos to day photos.

From now on, it is also possible to “walk” “virtually” around the house: Pass the house on the right, school, tennis court, parking lot Doblhoffpark, Pelzgasse again and back. At the Restaurant Doblhoffpark you can leave the parking lot and walk a short distance to the Cafe Ullmann in the Doblhoffpark. Starting from Ullmann through Schlossergässchen to Rollettgasse, past Hotel Gutenbrunn and back to apartment house ECONTO. In addition, the entire Gutenbrunn Park, with all its hidden paths, is accessible as far as the Schlossergässchen.

Admittedly, the tour doesn’t come close to Google Street View (Google takes considerably more photos in a higher resolution), but hopefully it’s enough for a quick look around the house! (Apart from that Google only shows main streets). Have fun!

PS: If you find an error, please let me know! Thanks a lot!

Click here for the tour:

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