Modern smart TV in all apartments

The legal situation in Austria is strange, but clear: If we provide you with a classic TV set with SAT reception, GIS must be paid in any case, even if no Austrian station can be received at all! Even if the apartment is empty, e.g. during the pandemic, GIS has to be paid. Of course, this is not possible and would also make the rent of the apartments unnecessarily more expensive.

Therefore, the apartments are equipped by us with modern Internet TV without TV tuner. Of course you can still use the existing satellite dish free of charge, and use your own tuner with or without ORF card. Please note, however, that then you will be liable to GIS in this case! (See

The Internet TV we provide you with is contemporary and technically state-of-the-art. In addition to thousands of freely available Internet channels and numerous media libraries, you can currently also receive Disney+. All “TVs” are equipped with an extension cable for HDMI2, so you can comfortably connect e.g. your notebook.At the apartment handover you will gladly receive a brief explanation, if desired. Note for technikfreaks:

Used is a Raspberry Pi 4 with Libreelec

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